How Parents Can Find a Balance Between Work and Home

An assistant professor at the Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Daniella Zipkin also practices her specialty, internal medicine. Married with two children, Dr. Daniella Zipkin daily confronts the challenges of balancing a busy medical career with caring for and raising her family.

Working parents sometimes lose track of how well–or how poorly–they are balancing their work life with their home life. It is easy to think that as long as a child is well cared for, as in child care, all of his or her needs are being met. Parents of young children should try to take time during the day to spend with their children while they are fully awake and active. Parents for whom that is impossible should make a point to participate in activities with their children during the weekend.

As children grow older, they can help with getting the family’s chores done, both on weekday evenings and weekends. This is not only great family time, but it also helps develop a work ethic. Family time spent together should not be all work and no play, though. There needs to be time set aside for doing fun things. This includes attending and participating in events and activities at children’s schools. In addition, parenting partners must set aside private time for themselves to maintain and strengthen their own relationship.